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Sew Impressive Online Designer

The Sew Impressive online designer allows your to design your personalised clothing with just a few clicks, once you are happy you can save the design and upload it along with your order.

How it Works

1. Firstly select your item of clothing from the Clothing setion on the right of the screen.
2. There will be default text showing on the design, you can move this using the grey move icon below the text or delete this using the red cross above the text. To change the text use the Add Text box on the left of the screen.
3. You can change the font size, colour and font type using the three sections on the left and right of the screen.
4. If you would like to add a logo or image to your, use the Add Logo/Image box on the left of the screen.
5. When you are happy with the design, click Save Design and save it to a safe place on your computer.
6. When you have found the item of clothing you would like to buy from our shop, simply upload your design using the Upload File button and this will be added to your order.